Kindergarten (9 Classes, Ages 4-5)

Japanese Language and culture are taught, using the whole language approach. The goal is to have children communicate in proper Japanese about their lives and thoughts. Japanese alphabets are introduced.

Elementary School (18 Classes, Grade 1-6, Ages 6-12)

Japanese language and mathematics are taught according to the curriculum from the Japanese Ministry of Education. Japanese language instruction is particularly focused on in class since the language is the basis for every subject learned in school.

Middle School (5 Classes, Grade 7-9, Ages 12-15)

Instruction is given in Japanese language and mathematics according to the curriculum from the Japanese Ministry of Education. In the Japanese class, the texts related to the Japanese culture, customs and history are often introduced. The students learn to use Japanese mathematical terms in the Mathematics class and notice the difference of measurements between Japan and U.S. The class is focused on nurturing the logical thinking that math requires.

High School (2 Classes, Grade 10,11 and Auditors, Ages 15-18)

The Senior High School program consists of two courses of contemporary Japanese language and Japanese history, and plus one course in which the students choose between classical Japanese and mathematics. The contemporary Japanese language course focuses on developing advanced skills to express and understand in Japanese. Japanese History instruction is given to students to nourish their attitude and respect for their own country and to help them establish their identity, looking at Japan from an international point of view.

Japanese as a Second Language (5 Classes, Ages 6-17)

Students, whose first language is not Japanese, are given courses covering Japanese language along with Japanese culture and customs. For 1st to 5th grade students, classes are designed according to their ages for the purpose of learning Japanese in fun and relaxed settings. For 6th graders and beyond, classes are divided according to their proficiency levels. And students have an opportunity to learn Japanese as a foreign language in more systematic way including grammars and structure. The objective of the curriculum is to prepare students achieving well for the SAT II, upon the completion of the Japanese 5 level. In addition, we strive to encourage a well-balanced development of mind, body, and individual personality through group activities in our special hours. Students are also expected to acquire independent and practical attitudes within a larger group.