Japanese Library

The Japanese Library at JLS in Boston specializes in Japanese books, and is open during the JLS school hours to help the Japanese educational environment.

Every Saturday morning during the open hours, many JLS students and parents come, and over seven hundred books are borrowed/returned during the morning.

This library is run under the JLS Steering Committee and by the PTA Library Committee members volunteers.

Besides JLS students and their parents, those of who not associated with the JLS also can use this library.

 Library Open Day  Saturdays during JLS school year (except on the Field Day)
 Library Open Hours   Saturday 8:45-12:15

 JLS students have priority over other borrowers from 12:00 p.m. to 12:15 p.m. 
 Borrowing Limit  5 books per person
 (The maximum for comic books: 2, CD: 2, magazine: 1)
 There will be a special deal right before long vacations.
 (A special announcement will be made about the rules on the special deal in the school newsletter or inside the library.) 
 Borrowing Term  Maximum of 2 weeks (1 week for magazine)

How to Use the Library

This library can be used by anyone for free, not limited to students and parents of JLS.

Those of who are interested in using the library, fill in the registration form.

Please bring your JLS Library card when borrowing.

Contribution to JLS Library

At JLS, we consider this library as an important teaching asset for education in Japanese, and have put an effort to allocate a certain library budget. However, there is a limit to purchase new books due to the tight financial situation. Many of the books at the JLS Library are contributions made over time by parents and people who have helped run the school. We would appreciate your continuing support by contributing to education in Japanese.

We accept contributions anytime during the library open hours at the library front desk.

The contributed books are sorted by the Library committee members into Library books and books to sell at the Book Fair and other occasions. Please consider bringing books you will not bring back to Japan, Japanese books that you don't need anymore, Japanese magazines and others.