Entrance Requirements


Children who wish to enroll in the Kindergarten classes should meet the conditions listed below:
  • They are able to understand conversational Japanese.
  • They no longer wear diapers.
  • Their parents or guardians are able to help the class a few times per term.

After an interview with a teacher, parents or guardians should fill out the registration forms and hand them in to the school office. If the enrollment in a class has already reached the maximum, the child will be put on the waiting list and admitted when there is an opening.

Elementary to High School


After an interview with the principal, parents or guardians should fill out the registration forms and hand them in to the school office.



The JLD accepts enrollments only at the beginning of the Academic Year: April, only if the enrollment in the corresponding class has less than fourteen. To be on the waiting list for next April, parents and guardians should fill out the JLD Application for Admission form (Forms) and submit it to the school office.

Admissions Paperwork (Forms

(1) Application Form
(2) Submit Contact Info --> Please register from this page
(3) Health Record (for new students and kindergarten)     
(4) Immunization Record

* Please Submit (2)-(4) on an interview day.

Your child's immunizations must be completed and fulfilling the Massachusetts (or the state where he/she lives) School Immunization Requirements.


Tuition (as of Apr. 2020)

Class JAGB Member Non-member
Registration Fee All Classes $260.00 $280.00
(per term)
Kinder / High / JLD $320.00 $350.00
Elementary / Middle $290.00 $320.00
Cost for Materials See below

  • Please refer to Japanese Association of Greater Boston website or call at (781) 643-1061 for further membership information.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable once enrolled.
  • All parents will automatically become members of the JLS PTA at the time of entering the school. There are various volunteer jobs for parents (e.g. coffee service, library management, patrol for recess time, teacher's assistance etc).

Cost for Materials (subject to change)

Kindergarten $10-15 / term
Elementary School Division $50-70 / year

The cost will be determined by the foreign
exchange rate at the time.

Middle School Division $20-45 / year
High School Division $20-50 / year
Japanese as a Second Language Division $20-110 / year The cost varies with the level