Parent/Guardian Roles and Responsibilities

Assisting School Related Activities(Rotation)

Kindergarten Helper

A Helper in each Kindergarten class assists the teacher

Japanese Helper

A Helper assists with conversation in Japanese 1 and Japanese 2

Childcare Helper

Assists the teacher the first term of grade 1、as students adjust

Event Helper

Assists at School Events・Educational Activities

Classroom Parent(Volunteer・Rotation)

Create Classroom Phone Tree ・ Helper Rotation List, and assignment charts for events (from templates)

PTA Duties(Rotation

Safety Patrol Duty

Patrol the school during recess to maintain a safe environment for students as they take a break between class periods

Coffee Duty

Assist with selling coffee and baked goods

Library Duty

Sort returned books、Assisting Library Committee members

First Aid Duty

Look for Parents of sick or injured students、Assisting First Aid Committee members

PTA Officers - Board members and Committee Chairs(Volunteer Activities)






Oversee Classroom Parents

Data Systems work Etc.

  • General oversight of all PTA Activities
  • Running PTA General Assembly meeting
  • Collection of PTA Dues
  • Publication of PTA D Newsletter
  • Liaison with all committees
  • Hold meetings with JLS Administrators
  • Liason with JLS Steering Committee
  • Etc.

PTA Committees(Volunteer Activities)

Safety Patrol Committee

Guide the Safety Patrol Duty process、Oversee reporting of patrols

Event Planning Committee

Planning Seminars、Fund raising, allocating books to the libarary using PTA allocated funds.

AV/Sound Committee

Provide AV support at School events

Coffee and Bake Sale Committee

Plan Coffee and Bake Sale activities、Guide those on Coffee duty

Communications Committee

Translate PTA Documents into English

Library Committee

Assist with running of the library、Annual Book Fair

First Aid Committee

Assist with First Aid Room Activities

Cultural Festival (Bunkasai) Planning Committee

Cultural Festival (Bunkasai)・ Annual Talent Show・Planning and Oversight