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posted Sep 6, 2019, 8:40 AM by Hiromi Takahashi
First Aid Room
The First Aid Room in the School building will operate as usual for classes held in the building. The First Aid Tent will be set up at the West Soccer Field for Kindergarten Field Day. 

EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians)
One EMT and two First Aid Committee members will be at the First Aid Tent.

Parents of children in Kindergarten
Please make sure your child is in good condition to attend the Field Day. If your child needs emergency care, we will contact you immediately. If our effort in reaching you fails, we will take necessary actions under the “Agreement and Indemnification,” including taking your child to the hospital. “First Aid Room Notes” will not have release signatures by the school staff due to the presence of the ambulance.

Parents of children in grades 1 through 11 and JLD classes 1 through 5
If you plan to be at the West Soccer Field, please help us by notifying your child’s teacher of your whereabouts in the morning. We need to contact you right away if your child comes to the First Aid Room.