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posted Dec 20, 2019, 5:42 AM by Hiromi Takahashi

Regarding Personal Information

The PTA does not/will not disclose any personal information/data not listed in the Student Directory handed out per class.

  • If necessary, please exchange personal information not listed in the Student Directory amongst the guardians on an individual interpersonal basis.
  • The e-mail address formally registered with the school may be used for distributing PTA-related information and/or PTA committee activities.
  • Individual e-mail addresses are shared within each class.  Please use this information to find replacements for Class or Helper Duties.

Regarding Photos/Videos

  • Taking photographs/videos during school activities such as those held in the gym or cafeterias is allowed.  Please be careful not to get in the way during such activities.
  • Taking photographs/videos during classes is not allowed as it may distract the students and take away from the limited class time available to them.
  • As there are privacy and portrait rights involved, please do not share photographs including other children unless receiving explicit permission from their guardians.

Regarding Class and Helper Duties

  • Helper Duty assignments for the kindergarten grades are calculated so that the frequency of assignments is equally distributed amongst guardians within each class as possible.
  • Similarly, the Class Duty assignments for the higher grades are also calculated so that the per-child frequency of assignments is equally distributed as possible.
  • The Japanese Language Division Classroom Class Duty assignments are adjusted after considering the number of Classroom Helper assignments for Level 1 
  • In the event you cannot fulfill your Class or Helper Duty on your assigned date, please find a replacement and inform your Class Representative of the change.
  • If you cannot go to the school on the day of your assigned Class or Helper Duty, please inform the school office that you have a Class or Helper Duty for that day which you cannot fulfill.

If you have any questions, please first consult your teacher.


Hiromi Takahashi,
Dec 20, 2019, 5:42 AM