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posted Aug 24, 2018, 7:14 AM by Hiromi Takahashi   [ updated Aug 24, 2018, 8:27 AM ]
Medical emergency refers to the symptoms requiring immediate medical attention such as a trouble of breathing, injury with excessive bleeding, severe pain in head/chest/abdomen, and head injury with suspected disturbance of consciousness. The medical emergency during school hours should be reported in accordance with the emergency communication plan:
(1) When a medical emergency is found, please report immediately to the nearest school staff member.
(2) The school staff member who is informed of an emergency will contact the principal or vice principal through two-way radio.
(3) The principal or vice principal determines whether an ambulance should be requested and contacts the child’s parent/guardian as well.
(4) In the event of an emergency, transporting the child to an appropriate medical facility takes priority over informing parent/guardian in advance. The child may be transported to the hospital by an ambulance before contacting a parent/guardian.
(5) When the parent/guardian is unable to reach the site in time, a school staff member accompanies the child to the hospital. The school staff member attends the child until the child’s parent/guardian takes over.
(6) The parent/guardian is responsible for any cost related to the transport of the child to the hospital and medical treatment.
(7) In case of occurrence of allergy symptoms, the school does its best to contact the parent/guardian of the child while making any necessary arrangement with the hospital. 
No medical treatment is provided by the school and its staff. For details, please refer to the School Guideline online.