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posted Apr 12, 2019, 6:49 AM by Hiromi Takahashi
The Kids’ Corner Board of Directors continues to let us use the Kids’ Corner Playground for kindergarten classes this year. The following rules are based on the rules that were set by the Kids’ Corner. Please take time to read it through and please use the playground with care.

Kids’ Corner Playground Rules 
1. Maximum capacity
   Preschool playground-25 children, 2.9 to 6 years
   Infant playground- 6 children, 2 months to 2.9 years
2. Adult supervision (two adults minimum for each playground) at all times.
3. Do not put anything other than toys in a sandbox. 
4. Persons using the playgrounds do so at their own risk. The school will not accept liability for any accidents, damages or loss incurred.
5. If toys are used, please return them to the designated place.
6. Please do not enter if kindergarten classes are using the playground.
7. Playgrounds may be closed before 12:30 PM.
8. If the gates are locked, do not use the playgrounds. Children should not climb over the fences. Please do not let your children play in the playgrounds by themselves.
9. Please do not allow your child to enter the play area across from the Kids’ Corner Playground. Please do not allow your child to play with riding toys in the play area.
10. The West Courtyard is being monitored by security cameras.