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Kindergarten class reorganization

posted Aug 22, 2020, 9:56 AM by Hiromi Takahashi

This year, the number of children enrolled at our school decreased compared to the average year. As we approach the second semester, we conducted a questionnaire for guardians of kindergarten during the summer holidays to understand our current situation and take countermeasures. As a result, the class structure of the kindergarten will be reorganized as follows.

Nenchu : No change.

Nencho : Reduce the number of classes by 1 to 4 classes.

                Specifically, the Kiku-gumi and the Tanpopo-gumi will be combined into one group.

Ordinarily, we do not consider changing the class composition in the middle of the school year unless there is a problematic situation, but this year's case is unusual and has led us to make a hard choice. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to all parents. We want to ask for your understanding and cooperation as we will continue to strive for a more fulfilling education. 

The time tables of each online class are based on the answers we received via the questionnaire that we conducted this summer. The instruction time is about one hour, depending on the breaks and work in groups, the ending time may be varied. Please check the details as they will be sent in advance from the teachers with the teaching materials.



Usagi  starting at 11:00 am

Kirin starting at 9:30 am

Kuma starting at 9:00 am

Risu Group A starting at 9:30 am

Group B starting at 11:0 am


Asagao starting at 9:30 am

Kiku & Tampopo starting at 9:00 am

Himawari starting at 10:00 am

Momiji starting at 11:00 am