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Outline of policy for classes after the 2nd Term (mid-report)

posted Jul 17, 2020, 1:47 PM by Hiromi Takahashi
 The Board of Directors examined whether to conduct distance learning, classroom lessons, or both every two weeks during the 2nd Term. We incorporated the state's intention, the intention of the city board of education, the result of the parental questionnaire, the result of the teacher's questionnaire, the information of other Japanese language schools in North America, the information of the local schools, the financial status of our school, the spread of coronavirus infection status and the contents of the infection preventive measures. As a result of drawing a scenario for implementation in each of three formats (remote only, classroom only, both remote classroom) and considering various components that would affect each format, it was decided that our school will offer remote classes during the second term. We understand that all parents have their own opinions, but we would like to ask you to understand that the highest priority is to protect the lives of children, students, parents and teachers.
 In addition, we would like to review the distance classes held in the first term and improve and prepare for the second term while referring to the opinions given by parents. We plan to inform you of the specific contents of the distance lessons in the special issue of e-Boston along with the notification of the tuition payment around the beginning of August.
 We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation in our education.