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posted Dec 4, 2020, 8:42 AM by Hiromi Takahashi

☆ 19th JLS Kohaku Talent Battle ☆

In the previous issue of e-Boston, we informed about the overview and the new format of the talent show this year. In this issue of e-Boston, please find the details of the backstage support as well as how to apply to become a performer or backstage support. 

【Live streaming】

Date and time: Feb 6th, 2021, from 18:00-20:00

Overview: Live streaming with live MC (Performing individual/group is limited to 30, first come first serve. The performing group will record their performance ahead of time and submit)

【Minogashi Haishin (Missed-event webcast)】

Date and time: Feb 7th - Mar 7th, 2021

Overview: Limited to those who agree to being broadcast on distribution platform (This will be the recording of Zoom, but rather a collection of recorded contents)

Key schedule for backstage support: 

 Dec 5th (SAT) 13:00 - Sign-up open

 Dec/Mid - Individual position will meet via Zoom and start the planning and its work

 Feb 6th (SAT) 18:00-Talent show live streaming

Roles and the number of open position: 

  • General Producer - 2 People  (High school or above): The general producer will coordinate the overall planning and execution of the talent show and lead the event to success

  • Master of Ceremonies/MC  - 4 People (Middle school or above): The contents will be pre-recorded, but will be emceeing during the live streaming event

  • Ouen-Dancho (Cheerleader for red or white team) - 6 People (Elementary school or above): Ouen-Dancho will cheer on their team and warm up the event while creating a sense of competition

  • Program Design - 1 Person (Above Middle School): The program will be available and distributed digitally and seeking a creative talent to help create the design of the program

  • Program cover artist - 1 Person (Elementary school or above): Seeking an artist to draw a picture for the front cover

Talent show will be one of the few events that will take place this school year. The key to success highly depends on the passion and the will to make the event a success! Seeking those who are looking to make an impact and make this event the one to remember. Of course, we welcome those who wish to be a performer and backstage support! Come and join us! 

How to Sign-up: 

Sign-up form (https://sites.google.com/view/jls-talent-show/home) opens at 13:00- on Dec. 5th (SAT). Please follow the steps and fill out the necessary information. 

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to jlsbostontalent@gmail.com

Talent Show Committee PTA Support

Tsuyoshi Okamoto / Shunsuke Matsuoka (jlsbostontalent@gmail.com