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posted Apr 13, 2018, 8:27 AM by Hiromi Takahashi
This year’s Undokai (Field Day) is scheduled for May 19 (Rain Dates: May 26 & June 2)
1. Undokai Program Cover Contest
To enter the contest, and draw (do not color) a picture on the paper handed out today. Submit the drawing by April 28. First and Second places will receive certificates. You can also download a contest paper online.

2. Rajio Taiso Leaders
In Japan, children learn a warm-up exercise called Rajio Taiso. It is formed by a series of exercises, which are performed with music. We are looking for children who mastered Rajio Taiso and want to be leaders at Undokai. Students in Japanese 3 through 5 and Grades 7 through 11 only. To become a leader, please sign up with a classroom teacher by April 21.

3. Hachimaki Sale
Children will be divided into two groups, Aka-gumi (Red Group) and Shiro-gumi (White Group). Each child is required to wear a hachimaki headband to identify his/her group. Hachimaki will be sold at the school office for $3.00/ea. from April 21. Please prepare to pay with the exact amount (cash only).

Hiromi Takahashi,
Apr 17, 2018, 8:31 AM