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posted Apr 12, 2019, 6:43 AM by Hiromi Takahashi
This year’s Undokai (Field Day) is scheduled for May 18 (Rain Dates: May 25 & June 1)
1. Undokai Program Cover Contest
To enter the contest, draw (do not color) a picture on the contest form handed out today. Submit it to the homeroom teacher by April 27. First and Second places will receive certificates. You can also download a contest form online. Name and class should be clearly written on the form

2. Rajio Taiso Leaders
In Japan, children learn a warm-up exercise called Rajio Taiso. It is formed by a series of exercises, which are performed with music. We are looking for children who mastered Rajio Taiso and want to be leaders at Undokai. Students in Japanese 3 through 5 and Grades 7 through 11 only. To become a leader, please sign up with a classroom teacher by April 20.

3. Hachimaki Sale
Children will be divided into two groups, Aka-gumi (Red Group) and Shiro-gumi (White Group). Each child is required to wear a hachimaki headband to identify his/her group. Children in grade 1 and grade 2 should wear red and white reversible hats in place for hachimaki headbands. Hachimaki bands and hats will be sold at the school office from April 20. Please prepare to pay with the exact amount (cash only). 
Hachimaki headband: $3.00/ea.
Red and white reversible hats: $8.00/ea.