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[WES - Student Management System] Please confirm your registered information

posted Jun 12, 2020, 8:22 AM by Hiromi Takahashi   [ updated Sep 8, 2020, 8:12 AM by Akiko Coram ]

We have requested parents/guardians to log in to WES and confirm the registered information.  Those who enrolled this Academic Year should have received the yellow envelope, with the important information, back in March when the tuition needed to be paid ahead of time.  The letter contains the user ID and the password as well as the student number.  

Please login to the system and confirm the registration information.  If there is any change, please update the information.  If there is any information needed to be changed like the example below, please email info@jlsboston.org.  We will be happy to assist you.

  • Parent/Guardian 1 can’t change.

  • Parent/Guardian 1 and Parent/Guardian 2 need to be swapped

  • There is a change in the student name.

How to login:

  1. Please open this manual with a PDF app.

  2. Please login to WES with a link on page 4.  We recommend this link be bookmarked on your browser.

  3. Login information can be found in the letter that came in a yellow envelope.


  1. If the login information letter(yellow envelope) hasn’t arrived, please report it immediately to the Arlington Office at info@jlsboston.org.  The password needs to be reissued/mailed out again.

  2. This letter also includes new student numbers(4-digits).  Starting the 2nd Term of this academic year, please use the new 4-digit student number when paying tuition and material fee.  If the old 6-digit student number is used, the payment won’t be recognized.  

  3. Please keep this 4-digit number in a safe place.

How to use WES MMS (Parents-English)