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posted Jan 13, 2017, 1:38 PM by Hiromi Takahashi
We received reports that there has been a recent increase in gastrointestinal illness in some schools. If your child has vomiting, diarrhea and/or temperature greater than 100.5, please keep your child home. 

If the following symptom is observed, JLS requests the child/student to return home.

1. Fever: equal to or greater than 100.5 degree F (38.0 37.7C)

2. Vomiting: vomiting in the school complex
Exception: the case obviously considered due to simple motion sickness, 
(e.g. if vomiting in the car or parking space, and feeling better with no other symptoms)

3. Diarrhea: persistent & severe diarrhea or diarrhea with associated symptoms
(e.g. fever, abdominal pain)
Exception: non-persistent diarrhea (only once or twice) with no other symptoms

4. Rash: widespread rash,  or rash with blisters or impetigo
Exception: simple burn injury or allergic reaction known from previous medical history, or impetigo that is 24 hours after treatment has started or all the sores are covered

5. Conjunctivitis: defined as pink or red eye (conjunctiva) with white or yellow discharge
Exception: simple allergic reaction known from previous medical history

6. Infectious Disease: Any other symptoms suspicious for infectious disease.
Example: Head Lice - persistent and strong head itchiness, Strep Throat – very deep, strong and persistent coughing, until 24 hours after treatment and the child has been without fever for 24 hours, Mouth sores – unless physician states that the child is non-infectious