Educational Guideline

Organizational Objectives

This school was organized to teach Japanese language to Japanese persons and others who are interested in Japan residing in the Greater Boston area, and to help them become familiar with Japanese culture.

School Educational Guideline

We bring up children who love Japanese culture,

who have the spirit of great enterprise and the love for humanity,

who would contribute to the World Peace,

and who are internationally enriched.

General Outline

At our school, the classes are held only on Saturdays. In general, this kind of school is called a "supplementary school." During the week, students study at local American schools, and study Japanese at home, using Japanese textbooks, Japanese picture books, and many kinds of audiotapes. The school supplements this home learning, once a week.

It is impossible to perform the same educational activities as Japanese kindergartens and schools because of the time limitations. However, we hope that the students can take advantage of the unique combination of "being educated at American schools during the week," and learning Japanese at home and on Saturday at Japanese Language School, to help them to become internationally minded people.

Request to Parents

To take maximum advantage of the opportunity explained above, and to obtain the best educational results, it is necessary to have close ties between the school and each family. Especially, to overcome the time limitations for learning Japanese and Mathematics, we encourage learning at home as the first priority, along with the effort we give at the Japanese Language School.

Acknowledging our reality as a supplementary school, the school will continue to pursue educational activities that can be the core of learning at home, that are approachable for students, and that make the students happy to come to school.