To our parents/guardians

School Guideline

The school provides critical information, such as safety measures and policies for school enrollment and withdrawal, in the School Guideline.

All parents/guardians must read the entire School Guideline.


The newsletter "e-Boston" is published every week. Important announcements and notifications are often communicated through this newsletter. If you are not receiving weekly electronic newsletters, please contact the school office.

You can also read the contents of the weekly newsletters via following links:

Main Entrance

Please use the main entrance doors only. It is important not to open other doors to minimize the risk of unauthorized persons entering the building.

Please take a moment to remind children and parents of this rule if you see them using doors other than the main entrance doors.

School Start/Dismissal/Closing Times

Kindergarten - 4-year-olds start at 9:30 AM, and 5 year-olds start at 9:20 AM.

Grades 1 and 2 starts at 9:10 AM.

Japanese 1 starts at 9:05 AM.

Students in the above classes should come to school within 10 minutes before the start time.

Grade 3 and up and Japanese 2 and up start at 8:55 AM. Please be on time.

Dismissal time varies depending on each grade.

The school closing time is within 5 minutes after the end of classes. No students/parents/helpers should remain in the school building soon after.