Japanese Language School of Greater Boston Gift Fund (Masubuchi Fund)

Message from Mr. Koichi Masubuchi

Address upon Establishment of the Japanese Language School of Greater Boston Gift Fund (Masubuchi Fund)

The Japanese Language School of Greater Boston started with just 25 students in June 1975. Although we faced many uncertainties with the opening of the school then, the school expanded with the efforts of many involved and eventually became internationally renowned. In 1990, the school received the Japanese Foreign Ministry award for “promotion and effort towards the harmonious cultural interactions with regional communities”. This achievement was entirely due to efforts of the students, guardians, and faculty since the school opening, and having been involved in the operation of this school as both principal and honorary principal, this also gave me great joy and sense of accomplishment.

Today throughout the world, education from the elementary school to the high school level is, as a rule, commonly administered as a public institution at the local or state level. Here at the Boston Japanese Language school as well, the principal and vice principal are sent by the Japanese government and the school receives some financial support from the Japanese government as well, yet unlike the many public schools in Japan, ours is a private school. We receive no financial assistance from America. Fortunately, with the increase in the numbers of students at the elementary through the higher levels, our operating income has also increased, however, our assets have not. To put in another way, it is like in a family where the number of children has increased, and so have the education expenses. Fortunately, the parents’ income has also increased and they are able to get by, but their savings have not increased at all. Some may say that we’ve done OK up to now, so why should we worry? But I have always been concerned that as our educational costs increase, we should also increase our savings in case something should happen in the future.

In April 2009, thanks to the efforts of the Japanese Association of Greater Boston and the many others involved, the Japanese Language School of Greater Boston Gift Fund was established. With the help of this fund, I believe that we should be able to overcome any difficulties we might encounter in the future. In addition, as the fund assets accumulate, the return on these assets can be utilized in a variety of ways to the benefit of the children, and contribute further to the development of our school in the future.

Today, we envision a society within which we cooperate with one another, with respect and without regard to culture or ethnicity. Our school, through its Japanese language education, aims to nurture the development of children who will be able to contribute to the future of such an international society. I ask for the support and cooperation of all of you, to guide each of our children through a sure path to the future.

Koichi Masubuchi

Honorary Chairperson of the Masubuchi Fund Committee