Every Saturday

The school uses the facilities of Medford High School, located in the suburbs of the artful lively Boston. The school started with only 25 students in June 1975. Recent the student population numbers have exceeded 800.  This is due to the great contributions of the initial founders, teachers and staff as well as many others who were involved and devoted their time and effort.  The school currently has five divisions: kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school and Japanese as a Second Language.

Our School

Our school's primary purpose is to educate, maintain and strengthen the Japanese language of Japanese children residing in Boston and surrounding suburban cities. We also offer classes to give opportunities to children of any nationality who want to study Japanese and Japanese culture. Our educational curriculum uses Japanese textbooks used in Japan in order to learn the basic foundation of the Japanese language.  In addition to Japanese Language Arts, Arithmetic (Mathematics), Japanese History, Japanese Culture, General Learning (in Kindergarten), Specials, and others are the educational activities every Saturday morning.  Our distinctive feature is that students attend local school (American) during weekdays learning in the US curriculum, along with home learning in Japanese, and are given supplemental instruction on Saturdays.

Our Goals

Our school is generally categorized as a "supplemental school,” though it has been named “the Japanese Language School of Greater Boston” since its opening with the support of the Japanese Association of Greater Boston.  We strive to nurture/bring up/educate Japanese who would work in the International society, in order to meet our educational guideline: “We bring up children who love Japanese culture, who have the spirit of great enterprise and the love for humanity, who would contribute to the World Peace, and who are internationally enriched.”

Student Body

There are some students who live outside of MA.  They come from Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.  Some take two hours to commute to school.  The time they spend here at the school on Saturday morning is a precious time for children to figure out their identity as Japanese by learning Japanese in Japanese, playing, and by release the stress of weekday study in the English environment.  

Unique Events

In order to experience the same curriculum as the schools in Japan as much as possible, we hold the Entrance Ceremony and Graduation.  The Graduation is very solemn just as the ones held in schools in Japan.  Students participate in Fire Drill and the Field Day.  Middle school and High School Division students play main roles in running the all-day event of the Field Day.  We can’t hold these events without the support of the Board of Directors, PTA Board members, and all parents who are the PTA members.  This is the amazing fact about this school that the Board of Directors, PTA, and teachers (who are hired on site ) working together make events successful.

Please come and visit us.  We look forward to meeting you.

Japanese Language School of Greater Boston